Rechargeable Multi-Function Shaver Razor

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    1. This double-ring head electric shaver makes cleaning faster, easier and more efficient. The cutter head can be close to the face according to the contour of the face so that you can feel more comfortable and more comfortable.
    2. The blade automatically grinds the knife net. When the razor is working, the blade and the hard alloy mesh cover are continuously ground to keep the blade sharp.
    3. This model is used for the first time. Please charge it for 8 hours. If you have not used it for half a month, be sure to charge it for 8 hours before using it. Make sure that the rechargeable battery does not lose power and keep the battery capacity. The life of the long razor.
    4. The battery of this razor (1.2V) is repeatedly charged 500 times, and the capacity remains unchanged.
    5. This razor is a high-speed silver-palladium motor with long life, low noise floor, high power, and low vibration.

    Tips for using razors

          1. The cutter head should be thoroughly cleaned every four weeks. After removing the mesh frame, spray a special cleaning agent at a distance of 5 cm from the grid. Then use a small brush to remove the dregs and dirt from the cutter head.

           2, the cutter head is cleaned with a small brush, and the net membrane is cleaned with a small brush to avoid damage.

           3. After the first shaving, remove the retina frame and tap it on the plane for a few more times.

           4. Cover the IP membrane cutter cover after each use to prevent damage to the omentum.

           5, in order to ensure the high-level effect of the electric knife, it is recommended that you replace the whole set of the cutter head and the knife net every two years.

      6. In order to maintain the service life of the battery inside the machine, the razor will be fully discharged in normal use every six months or so, and then recharged.

      7. Because the back of the face will be slightly expanded, it is best to shave before washing your face. It is an ideal shaving time before washing your face in the morning.

      8. When using a retina type razor, keep the shaver perpendicular to the face and hold the shaver at a right.

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